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From the fragrances of country afternoons to brackish discoveries in the depths of the sea, I bring to the table a distillate of my island, of its most intense storytelling, of my most vivid memories. I want traditional Sicilian cuisine not to be seen as a stereotype: I dig into its essence in the constant search for an identity still capable of surprises.
It took me many years before I learnt how to make tomato soup like the one my mother used to bring to the table, many more - and hours of chatting with fishermen, on the shore - before I understood how to convey the products of the sea: now I endeavour to look at Sicily from above and to render an unprecedented yet faithful portrait of it, one that welcomes contradictions and allows itself to be influenced by contaminations.
Even such a complex, energetic, at times violent land, even in the manifestations of nature, can be told in the kitchen in a subtle, transparent way: for me, a dish can only be considered ready when I feel I have achieved the utmost delicacy and elegance.
Our wine list represents an enthusiast's cellar. I have chosen a few bottles, no more than 150 labels, so that I can be sure to get to know the winemakers who produce them one by one. Personally, I love bubbles and would enjoy them throughout a meal: that is why, in addition to having selected the best that are produced in Sicily, I am happy to offer my guests my favourites, from Franciacorta to Champagne.
The wine list
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